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Welcome to InRoads. We are Passionate about care and promoting independence in people of all ages & requirements.

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Passion Active Thorough Honest - our vision

At Inroads we are committed to providing the best support for children and adults with learning disabilities, autism and behavioural challenges. With the emphasis on enabling individuals to become an active part of their community and live a purposeful and enjoyable life staying connected with their families and friends

We achieve this by…​

  • Seeing the person and not the label
  • Being passionate about what we do 
  • Being creative in our responses and plans 
  • Thinking outside of the box to meet complex care needs 
  • Investing in our staff to ensure we ‘make a difference “
  • Ensuring links and partnership working.

About Us


Throughout the inspection we heard staff speaking calmly to people and using non-verbal communication to support the spoken word. The service staff displayed a Makaton gesture for a week at time on the notice board and encouraged all people and staff to use the word and Makaton sign. Makaton is a method of communication using signs and symbols and is often used as a means of communication for people with a learning disability. We noted that staff did not rush people and when approached responded to the person in a respectful and appropriate manner. We were also aware the people were clearly confident and comfortable in the company of the staff.

One person told us, "I am very happy to be here the staff are caring." A person who was not able to fully converse with us did smile and raise their hand in a gesture to inform us that they were happy with the support provided. A relative informed us, "Lovely caring staff, difficult job and do it well."

CQC January 2018

The staff informed us that they encouraged people to make choices for themselves regarding what they wanted to do and what they wanted to eat and drink. A relative told us, "[My relative] .needs a lot of help but they are more independent now than ever before. Not only do they go out and do more they also interact and make themselves better known." There was information in people's support plans about preferences and choices. One person informed us they had arranged their room as they wished and staff were supporting them to pursue their choices of personal items they wanted to purchase.

Relatives informed us that the service respected privacy and when visiting they were invited when they wanted to talk in the office. One relative told us, "We are always made welcome to visit and the staff support us with arrangements of when [my relative] will come to visit us."

CQC January 2018

Children benefit from the child-centred, caring ethos. The staff are committed and well equipped to meet the children’s needs. The manager and the staff team consistently focus on the emotions behind the children’s behaviours and not on the specific behaviours themselves. This reflective approach is successful in helping the children to progress.

The manager and staff demonstrate a clear and detailed understanding of the children’s complex needs and the plans for their care and support. Staff consistently speak of wanting the best for the children. It is apparent that staff take time to form good relationships with children and to lead by example. A parent said, ‘The home is the brightest shining star in [the local authority].

Ofsted January 2019

Our son has lived in Burnriggs for some years now. He initially moved in when life became difficult for him in our family home. Trying to cope with someone with complex needs and provide a stimulating and fulfilling life proved too difficult. As parents the hardest thing to do is to see your child leave home especially one so vulnerable.

I have nothing but praise and gratitude to all the staff from the support workers to the manager and directors who are all always available for any issues however large or small. I now consider our son has 2 homes and a massive extended family. The staff are incredibly caring supportive and dedicated towards creating the most fulfilling life for our son. He is able to access the community with the right support and enjoy many interests and holidays.

The staff also go above and beyond in creating a happy environment for all the boys often having parties and celebrations.

Staff are highly trained and able to manage his occasional challenging behaviour when needed but also his complex medical needs. Our son can have frequent hospital visits which are all well supported by staff and have the confidence to be his voice. We feel very lucky to have found Burnriggs as it has given us peace of mind knowing our son is truly happy and well cared for and I can honestly say that I do not worry in the same way for him.

Our son has grown greatly since being at Burnriggs and has learnt lots of new skills which the staff encourage.

Best of all our son is settled and HAPPY!!!


Caro Walker 30/3/2020