Pre-Recruitment Medical Questionnaire

    Please answer the following questions:

    Please state whether you have any specific requirements or need any adjustments in order to attend the interview?

    We require candidates with the following particular physical/mental condition for this role. A good level of general fitness, enough to enable the following without incurring physical ailments:-

    Running short distance – 25 metres*
    Walking, at times ranging from half an hour to four hours during a shift, occasionally longer*
    Being able to participate in physical intervention situations which necessitate being able to bend down, move fast, get up from a kneeling or sitting position, see what is coming towards you or from either side, being able to hear your colleagues call out you or give you directives to ensure a safe working environment.*
    Be able to facilitate and join in a variety of physical activities such as bowling/trampolining/swimming/gardening etc. *
    Be able to tolerate and manage personal stress in a manner conducive to the working environment*