Inroads Open Care is the domiciliary branch of Inroads Essex Limited and is an independent provider of a range of flexible services, for people with learning disabilities who have additional complex and challenging needs. It also provides support to neurotypical people including elderly people and people with dementia in their place of residence whether that be home /respite /holiday or hospital environment.

Inroads Open Care strives to enhance the lives of individuals through personalised support, enabling them to promote or maintain independence, enjoy a range of educational, vocational or leisure activities, to take advantage of opportunities as they arise and to support them to live in their own homes.

There are three distinct service types within Inroads Open Care all coming under the domiciliary location which are: 

Community Support

For children and adults with learning disabilities

Community support for children and adults with learning disabilities who require planned sessions of support to enable them to achieve outcomes identified as part of an agreed plan.

The aims of this service are to enable smooth transitions across services accessed by the person and provide skilled and familiar staff to assess needs and implement care and behavioural strategies alongside other therapeutic interventions and programmes enabling the person to continue to live in their own homes and access their local community facilities.

Domiciliary Care

Supporting adults with learning disabilities and other complex needs in their own homes in a supported living model. 

Our overall aim is to provide person centred, creative support to people with a range of learning disability from mild to severe based upon their assessed needs within supported living environments. Being able to support 1.1 or 2.1 when needed.

The aims of these services are to ensure that all tenants receive person centred support whilst supporting them to achieve positive outcomes by promoting their independence at all times. All tenants within supported living will have a SPELL support plan to ensure they have Structure, Positive, Empathy, Low Arousal and Links and that their support is delivered to meet their needs and preferences. 

Intermediate Care

To provide a service to neurotypical people who need additional help and support to maintain their independence and access their local community for leisure and appointments. This includes people with dementia and the elderly. 

Our overall aim is to support people back into their own homes after prolonged hospital /recuperation stays

Our objectives are to partnership work with the person, professionals and their family members to assist them to come home and be supported.